Q. Is this site owned or operated by Charlie Sheen?

A. Nope... this is an independent site is run by me, the Superfan.


Q. Do you have a direct email address or contact info for Charlie Sheen?

A. I wish! :) However, now that I've gotten to meet Mr. Sheen and his associates, we are in the process of working through a way to get all the hundreds of fan messages that this site has gotten to Charlie himself. So keep that fan mail coming in! Everything that's been sent since this site started has been saved in the hopes of one day having them delivered to Charlie, and that day may finally be approaching!


Q. Do you have any merchandise available?

A. There is no merchandise available at this time. However, some merchants have posted in the forums, so you may want to check there. CSFC is not affiliated with any of these folks, however, so just be aware of that. You can also go to Charlie's official shopping site here.


Q. Are you interested in advertising or some sort of banner swap?

A. Most likely no, but if you throw enough money my way, I guess anything is possible. :)